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Way Cool People creates relationships with those in need through gifting groceries, clothing, toys and necessities. We grow these relationships through identifying and creating opportunities for families to become productive and thriving members of their community and, in turn, want to help others come out of poverty.   

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Way Cool People trains children and adults in several areas including business, language, vocational skills, music, multi-media, computing, technologies, construction, carpentry, cooking and entrepreneurship. We “teach” motivated people “how to fish” and encourage them toward a future and hope beyond what they could imagine for themselves. 

Way Cool People reaches out through various programs that show love to all people, no matter what their background, religion, social status, country or language may be. For example, we bring musical concerts to break down barriers while opening people’s hearts and minds to receive love.  In turn, we teach them to warmly share that inspired love with others. 

Changed Lives

“I feel loved and embraced. When I participate, I feel like I am part of a family, a very united family.”

– Sara

“Thank you for all you have done for my marriage and my family. I am so grateful.”

– Eleanor

“You have impacted me quite a lot.”

– Adrian

“I felt like someone cared about me.”

– Salvador

“I have learned to grow with them because they have given me the tools.”

– Yessy

“I am so grateful. I do not have words to express the infinite gratitude I feel for the way I was sheltered and welcomed in this place.”

– Patricia

“You are blessings. For me, all of this is so beautiful. Because you are healed spiritually.” – Vicki

“Thank you very much for all your love, all the teachings and providing everything for me.”

– Adriana

“I felt like I was with a family that welcomed me with open arms.”

– Norma

“I don’t want what’s been done in my life to be for nothing. It has to be something amazing.”

– Nicole

“I have never been to a place where I have been received with so much love.”

– Joanna

“There demands an action. We have to do something.”

– Jesse

“I loved seeing all the children and all the work they were doing and the studies that I saw.”

– Kaaren

“Thank you! When I needed them, they were there. They called me.”

– Mariana

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