About Wonderful World

It’s amazing to travel throughout this wonderful world and discover new places and meet people from all different backgrounds. 

Wonderful World includes other WayCool Programs within each place helping to develop meaningful international relationships, experience diverse cultures and specific historical training. 

We offer the opportunity to be part of a worldwide community. Tucked inside many countries are interesting and charming places that many of us typically do not have the opportunity to experience. 

We give participants an opportunity to make new friends, learn about and explore new places and discover new delights that bring appreciation, learning, excitement and joy. 

We have offered special opportunities to travel to Mexico, Spain, Israel, Germany, Albania, Hungary, France, and other places. Our most recent travels have taken us to Israel, where you can discover below the places we’ve visited and people we’ve met.

A Special Visit with Liora

November 2018

Liora is a woman who has dedicated her life to serving the elderly and holocaust survivors. We work with her each year traveling to Israel to bring music and lots of love to those who need it most. 

“I love your work in Israel and how you are reaching to a population that appears to have been forgotten and so underserved.”

– Rebecca

Singing For Holocaust Survivors

November 2015

On our first trip to Israel, we sang everywhere we went to bring love and joy to Holocaust Survivors and locals living in the land. Israel is a beautiful country we continue to visit each year. 

“Bravo! So touching!”

– Vera

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