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The main industry of Cabo is tourism which draws nationals from all over Mexico to work in service industries and three million tourists annually from around the world to vacation.  

“Tourism with a Cause” opens the door for tourists to experience more than a time-out beach vacation.  Only a few miles from the opulent hotels lie the impoverished slums of the local community.  

It can be a humbling experience to visit families living in abject poverty.  While tourists are being served by the local people, Tourism with a Cause flips the coin and allows tourists to meet and develop relationships with the locals and give back directly to the community.  

You can share in bringing groceries to needy, adopting a family, hands-on construction, carpentry, painting, training, sewing and various children’s activities. 

Even a few hours of your vacation gifted to others can transform the way you see and relate to Cabo forever.  We welcome everyone to participate including corporations, families and individuals.   

Helping Hands

March 2022

Partnering with tourists, we reach out to local needy communities and give back through helping hands.

“You are doing great work with everyone you touch.”

– Peter

Together We Can Change The World

September 2021

Way Cool People features our “Adopt a Family” program where tourists bond with families to form long-term relationships.

“I have witnessed firsthand the positive changes that are taking place through Way Cool People”

– Susie

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