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Over the past several years, we’ve been focusing on investing in individual and family businesses. You may recall us sharing a story with you of starting a store for Jessy’s family. 

Their store has grown so much that they’re now known as the “Costco” of their Caribe neighborhood. They are a light to so many!  

We have continued that direction into the Impact Investing Venture Capital space. We have been coaching, consulting and assisting entrepreneurs and investors to come together, collaborate and create a meaningful impact through the business world. 

We have engaged and established relationships with over 150 CEOs and founders of companies from over 30 countries across all industries. 

Whether it is a medical company, Virtual Reality / Artificial Reality, Artificial Intelligence or even the metaverse, it is amazing to see how Impact Investing is working and moving in these leading-edge companies around the world.  This program changes lives and businesses while positively affecting the world around us.   

Marketplace Ministry

August 2023

We have been helping entrepreneurs and investors come together to collaborate and create Kingdom Impact. We have engaged and established relationships with over 150 different CEOs and founders of companies from over 30 different countries of all industries! 

“Gosh, this is exciting and very encouraging!! We had no idea the range of your influence and work, but then again…never underestimate angels!!”

November 2020

Yessy's Store

With a vision and hard work, we helped Jesse and her husband thrive especially at a time when Covid-19 put many in Cabo out of work.  Jesse continues to put into practice everything she has learned and with her hard work, her store grows more and more with every visit. 

“One word….. TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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