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Vidas Cambiadas

"I am so touched by how you help change people's lives - teaching people how to love one another."

Way Cool Health

"Love seeing all the smiles from the little children all the way to the elders."

Concerts & Cultural Events

"This organization is so real, so far-reaching, so caring, so loving, so dedicated, so inspiring.
What a blessing this is to all involved."

Way Cool Learning

"Love how you are teaching poor kids to serve poorer families and to serve parents, cook, clean, computers, music, starting businesses, and also teaching proper marksmanship."

Tourism with a Cause

"I love Way Cool People's love and devotion towards better education, bringing people out of poverty, starting small businesses and motivating people tremendously, just to name a few."

Wonderful World

"I loved seeing the work you are doing in Israel. I would like to go someday!"

Way Cool Ventures

"The depth and breadth of your ministry is astonishing; I truly had no idea of the impact you’re obviously having on so many levels."

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