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We want to share with you the amazing blessings over the past few years with you through our library of short inspiring videos. We hope you feel inspired by the lives that have been changed through our donor's generous participation and blessing. Way Cool People continues Helping Others, Training Others and Loving Others in 2023.

Changed Lives Stories

April 2024

From the center of the world to the ends of the earth, our mission is to change lives. In this video, we share with you some of the lives that are being changed.

Israel Update Part 3

February 2024

We travel to treasured places of unique biblical significance. As we piece together history, current events, and prophecy, God’s word opens the eyes of our hearts and minds. 

“Your visits, especially in 2023 with the horrific attacks, brings hope, comfort, and assurance.”

Israel Update Part 2

February 2024

With sometimes 2 concerts a day, we went throughout Israel visiting hospitals, holocaust survivor clubs, elderly homes, private homes, displaced citizens, and even an army base.

“What courage and faith you all have to show up when others wouldn’t.”

Israel Update Part 1

February 2024

We were the only people who were not soldiers arriving on October 19th. Many told us that our actions spoke even louder than our words as hearts were deeply touched by our presence.

“This really shows the impact you made in going at such a time!”

2023 Movie

December 2023

Come with us on a look back at 2023 in our rear-view mirror.  We would love for you to share your feedback and impressions as you watch this 20-minute journey taken from 12 months of miracles.

“I have learned so much from you all!”

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

October 2023

No matter where we go, we want to touch lives and hearts, even if it is just for a brief moment.  You never know the impact that is being made or when it will come to fruition.

“These videos always bring the message of hope.”

Surprise Blessings

August 2023

Connecting one-on-one with Public Servants, workers on duty, and street workers changes the trajectory of their hot and hectic day to one of surprise happiness.

“I love it! My favorite video of them all!”

Celebrating The Passover

May 2023

We gather together to learn about the biblical history of Passover and share in the celebration of God’s miracles.

“Makes we want to join your in your celebration!”

The Girls Testimonials

March 2023

From their past to their future, we have been investing in 4 young girls whos stories are still being written. 

“Extremely touching…”

2022 Movie

January 2023

2022 was a year of building the future together. This short film highlights our programs working to help others, train others, and love others. 

“I love seeing all the programs you are doing.”

A Heart to Give

November 2022

Step into our Vidas Cambiadas program, meaning “changing lives”, where we teach others how to give and receive with gratitude.

“Truly Inspirational!”

Way Cool Smiles

September 2022

 “Way Cool Smiles”, teaches children to smile and enjoy the experience of dental care and daily dental hygiene.   

“Love it! Dental health is so important.”

Musical Concerts

July 2022

Through musical concerts, we strike a chord in the hearts of those we reach bringing back hope, joy and love through music. 

“This literally gave me chills!”

Marketplace Ministry

May 2022

Learn how Way Cool People is working with the Venture Captial industry around the globe helping companies create an impact. 

“One word….. TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Helping Hands

March 2022

Partnering with a generous visiting Corporation, we reach out to local needy communities and give back through our combined “helping hands” to improve the Caribe community.

“This video is so heart touching!”

Way Cool People 2021 Movie

January 2022

Come with us to experience a Way Cool Movie highlighting our 2021 initiatives to change lives for a future and a hope. 

“This beautiful video has brought me to tears.”

Food, Family & Faith

November 2021

In these days, it’s important to remember what matters most. Way Cool People brings us together through food, family and faith. 

“What a terrific way to celebrate life together”

Together We Can Change The World

September 2021

Way Cool People features our “Adopt a Family” program where tourists bond with families to form long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

“So much love in such a short video clip!”

Healing Brings Joy

July 2021


Through our “Way Cool Health” program, we bring joy and healing through chiropractic and eye care.  

“I didn’t want the video to end.”

A Day To Be A Princess

May 2021

Each year we treat young girls and women to a high tea celebration where they learn they have value and a calling for their lives. 

“This was powerful!!”

Inspiring Day of Cirque du Soleil

March 2021

Covid brought fear, paranoia and children were left without a smile. We brought an event of Cirque du Soleil to gift the local community with fun, wonder, happiness and joy.

“A ‘love event that inspired everyone’”

Way Cool People 2020 Movie

December 2020

Come with us to experience a Way Cool Movie highlighting our 2020 initiatives to change lives for a future and a hope.

“WOW! I was blown away by everything!”

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