Vidas Cambiadas


About Vidas Cambiadas

To successfully transform lives, we must first be willing to lend a helping hand to children and adults while training and encouraging them to be self-sufficient members of the community.  

They learn to reach out and embrace one another with unconditional love.  We teach those in need to receive necessities for their families with gratitude and, in turn, reach out and gift to others who are also in need. 

In these consecutive weekly programs, participants experience the joy of eating as a family, teaching children to serve the adults, receiving gifts and necessities, giving generously to others and developing a functional community.  

The graduates leave with a sense of freedom from releasing the feelings of being alone, lost or afraid of what the future may bring. 

A Heart of Giving

November 2022

A heart of giving changes lives. We cultivate close relationships with families in need, creating a community and teaching others how to give and serve with joy! With provide food, groceries, clothing, shoes, and necessesities to those who need it most. 

“I am so touched by how Way Cool People helps change lives.”

– Jong

Vidas Cambiadas

February 2019

Our Vidas Cambiadas program was birthed after a devestating hurricane that hit Cabo San Lucas in 2014. Since then, we have been actively teaching others how to give and receive with hearts of gratitude. 

“You can see the joy of each person there.”

– Adriana

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