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A warm friendly smile will positively affect the people around us.  Way Cool Health is an outreach program that serves those who are sad, lonely, desperate, hurting and in need of help. 

These past years were difficult for everyone as the world was adversely affected by Covid-19. 

Through our targeted rescue missions, community chiropractic and eye glass outreaches, children’s fun dental parties and more, we bring love, healing, joy and a lot of smiles back to the people! 

Way Cool Health

May 2023

Our chiropractors returned to Cabo with loving chiropractic care and eyeglasses for those in need. 

“I love seeing the beautiful smiles on their faces as they receive a new pair of glasses.”

Way Cool Smiles

September 2022

“Way Cool Smiles”, teaches children to smile and enjoy the experience of dental care and daily dental hygiene.

“Love it! Dental health is so important.”

Healing Brings Joy

July 2021

Through our “Way Cool Health” program, we bring joy and healing through chiropractic and eye care.

“This is incredible! BRAVO!”

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