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Music has the unique ability to go beyond what we hear and even what our mind can comprehend.  In these days, not a day goes by when the cry of conflict and war in the world are not heard.  

Music has a way of softening even the hardest of hearts to bring peace, love and joy to those who hear it.  We perform concerts to uplift and inspire people around the world. Music is medicinal to people who are hurting from the pain of past experiences or fear and anxiety of an uncertain future.  

Way Cool Concerts bring love and music together in perfect harmony to touch the hearts of people longing for peace and hope in their lives. These events are a uniquely transformational experience that transcend time and bring the audience peace, joy, and a feeling of being part of a greater community who love them unconditionally. 

We also celebrate various cultural and inspirational speaking events. Whether inspirational speakers, weddings or holidays, we celebrate with learning, food and fun.  

We uncover the beginning of special traditions and share the original meanings that are sometimes lost over many generations.  We rediscover rich and valuable lessons that are relevant for our lives today.  

Our goal is to celebrate these speakers and events with a new appreciation, abundant peace and joy while creating an expanded sense of community. 

Touching Hearts Through Music

July 2022

Through musical concerts, we strike a chord in the hearts of those we reach bringing back hope, joy and love through music. 

“This literally gave me chills!”

A Day to Be a Princess

March 2021

Each year we treat young girls and women to a high tea celebration where they learn they have value and a calling for their lives. 

“This was powerful!!”

Touching Hearts Through Music

December 2018

Visting a Holocaust Survivor home in Israel, we came bringing music and love. It was a joy to see how each person was singing along to each song and looking forward to our return visit.

“Our people here have never experienced anything like this. They felt the love of God.”

Rosalie's Voice

November 2015

For an hour long concert, the holocaust survivors said that they were able to forget their worries and hardships and feel pure joy and love.

“It felt like an angel of God was singing to me.”

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