A Day to be a Princess

Every year we celebrate the historical and biblical holiday of Purim. In the book of Ether, Esther goes from being a very poor orphan to the Queen of Persia. Just like our ladies here in Cabo, many times they come from poor families or abusive backgrounds and they don’t have the self-confidence to walk as a lady. 

So this day is to treat them special as a lady with men serving them in silly hats. The men are providing, blessing, and protecting the ladies and the ladies are recognizing, appreciating, and honoring the men and they are walking in the self-confidence of being a lady. 

Not only do they learn etiquette, and how to dress and how to sit and how to have a beautiful table, but they learn that God chose them for such a time as this. That they have significance; that they have purpose and meaning in their lives. That God has something very special for every one of them and they enjoy being a lady and the men enjoy being men. 

Please join us as we embark on our Princess High Tea for Purim. 


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