Healing Brings Joy

Meeting people where they are and truly caring about their lives and their health helps us to develop a valuable and fruitful relationship. We are grateful to the doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, and health care workers who generously serve our community with their talent, time and love. 

People sense when you are sincere in loving them, and they respond with gratitude and trust. We include all ages in our outreaches to resolve chronic problems for the adults and ensure a bright future for the next generation. Just image seeing clearly for the first time! Children can suddenly see the letters to enable them to read and excel in school. 

After months of lockdowns and viewing strangers through eyes of fear, they relax and melt at gentle physical touch. We express sincere concern for their physical and mental well-being. We bring healing to multiple locations enabling us to reach several audiences. Our teams touch the hearts of all who participate. Providing necessary practical care opens people’s hearts to feel the genuine love of God. They want to understand why we reach out in love and ask for nothing in return. They have not experienced this before. 

Nothing says I care about you more than meeting people wherever they are and serving them. We turn the tables on those who are so busy serving others. We appreciate all feedback you can share with us after you view this short video. 


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