A Heart of Giving

Our Vidas Cambiadas (Changed Lives) Program first launched out of a devastating hurricane in 2014. Over the years it has developed into everyone’s favorite program. They experience a new lifestyle of giving, sharing and talking about all the ways that God blesses us! 

Each person is an active participant, including the children who learn to cook and serve others instead of waiting to be served. Just seeing their smiles shows how much each child is so excited to be included.    

Every year, tourists and friends set aside their clothing donations for us. We learn each guest’s clothing size, style and favorite colors and then select clothing specifically for them.  The best part is having them model their new clothes. It makes them feel so special.     

We also provide groceries and necessities. They are not alone. They have a family. When they are lost and don’t know what to do, we show them how to create community, share with others and change their lives for the better.   

Here is a link to share our latest Vidas Cambiadas Program with you. We would love to receive your feedback on what you experienced as you watched the video. 

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