Way Cool Smiles

Way Cool Smiles is a special program created after we noticed that many people do not smile due to their embarrassment of their teeth.

This fear and shame of their physical appearance gets passed on to the next generation of young people. Way Cool Smiles is our way to confront that problem head on by taking the children to the dentist – many of which are going for the very first time in their lives.

It’s not a daunting or scary experience, rather a “Fiesta Dentista” where all the children can watch with great curiosity as the dental hygienist cleans each of their teeth; and are giving each other massages and are with each other in the room. It’s so much fun!

The Fiesta Dentista celebration goes beyond the dental office and expands throughout the whole day as we take the children for a day filled with new experiences. See the wonder on their faces as they see something new and so outside of their “normal”! 

Can you just imagine, or even remember, a day in your childhood that has stayed in your memories forever – maybe as a life-changing monumental moment in time!? 

The day is filled with fun, but also important and maybe even simple, life lessons. Like how to brush and floss your teeth properly, so they can each continue to smile with those beautiful pearly whites! 

I can personally say, that as a teenager who never smiled – Way Cool Smiles changed my life too.


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