Helping Hands with KLAS Corporation

It is always a miracle when the Lord brings individuals, tourists, corporations and friends come alongside us as our Helping Hands.

In 2014, Hurricane Odile destroyed the needy area of Caribe in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  At that time, our Cabo work expanded to invest in a Caribe community appropriately nicknamed “The New Hope”. Come with us on a journey inside the New Hope. Celebrate the helping hands of people visiting to help us invest and build up this precious community. 

One of the main projects involved heavy physical labor in constructing 2 new rooms of a community center there for a kitchen and dining area. The New Hope Community recognized and appreciated all these helping hands and the love they felt from all of our volunteers. 

It is important to meet people where they are and to impress upon them that we care about them personally. Each person desperately wants to believe and feel they have value.  By going to where they are and bringing them what they personally need, we were able to bring them love and encouragement. 

This experience had a tremendous impact on every adult and child who participated, especially the children, who suddenly understood how blessed they really are.  Building a community involves creating fruitful relationships and showing each family member that they are loved and valued.

The women took such loving care to measure and sew exactly the perfect dress in the ideal color for each child. The little girls were so excited and modeled their new dresses as little princesses. 

Even speaking different languages this love penetrated deeply into the hearts of this community who were visibly ready to escape this impoverished and covid-weary world. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we continue to build the “New Hope”!


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