Helping Hands with KLAS Corportation - March 2022

Music goes beyond words and penetrates the heart.

What better way to reach out to the community in love, than by touching their hearts in ways and places that they least expect it?!

Our musical concerts have expanded their reach into the very center of so many people’s lives!

We are supporting local businesses and restaurants who have had a very challenging last two years by bringing in more customers because of our concerts, with a dual mission and purpose of touching the lives of every person who comes into each restaurant through a musical concert, that they were not expecting, nor could they have planned for!

It’s not just dinner and a concert, or entertainment as background music. Rather, each song is specifically selected with a message and story that connects with anyone and everyone in the audience, young and old, no matter your background or profession.

Music connects us deeply and profoundly, in a way that is difficult to explain until you truly experience it!

Feel the love, feel the tears, feel the heartache, and then, finally, feel the joy that bursts through at the end!

Music heals, soothes, brings peace, joy and dancing, and ultimately, music links us together forever.

The best part is that this is just the beginning!


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