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In the past few years, we’ve been focusing on investing in businesses. You may even recall us sharing a story with you of Jessi and starting a store for her family. It’s grown so much that they’re known as the “Costco” of Caribe – of their neighborhood. They are a light to so many!


We have continued that direction full force going all the way into the Venture Capital space. We have been helping entrepreneurs and investors come together to collaborate and create Kimgdom Impact.

We have engaged and established relationships with over 150 different CEOs and founders of companies from over 30 different countries of all industries! Whether is it be a medical company, VR/AR or even the metaverse! It’s been amazing to see how God is working and moving in these companies all around the world!

We’re also helping the investors not only seek the return on investment into the company, but we are also teaching them how to find how to find the spiritual impact and search for that ROI for the Kingdom! How is that business that they are investing in reaching others for God’s glory?

What has been the most amazing is that event through a Zoom call with these founders and CEOs, they’ve been left in tears, saying I didn’t know that this existed! I didn’t know that I could integrate my faith this way to my business! You’ve changed my business, this is amazing! I cannot believe this! I am so grateful!

You’ve heard from us, and now we would like you to hear from them and the value it has brought to each of their lives.


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