Israel Update - Part III

Israel’s biblical significance is for the whole world – past, present, and future. The Lord has called us, year after year, to come to his land with a dual purpose. First, we are to reach out in love to all of Israel. Second, we are to bring others to his land and share his history – not only of the modern State of Israel – but of the last 4,000 years.


As special guests walk with our Way Cool ministry, they live as locals, experience live concerts, meet holocaust survivors, and bring love to many Israelis. We travel to treasured places of unique biblical significance. We discover history, walk in the news today, and understand prophetically what is yet to come. As we piece together history, current events, and prophecy, God uses his word to open the eyes of our hearts and minds. We appreciate him at a deeper level of intimacy. 


In video 3 of our Israel trip, we offer a brief glimpse of this special time with one small group. Each person decided to travel to Israel at a time of extreme adversity. That was not easy. God honored that difficult decision by delighting them with his presence in several locations.


After you watch this short video, please share a review with us. If you would like to walk with us on our 2024 Way Cool mission to Israel in the fall, please include that in your comments. We are grateful to the Lord for your presence in our lives.

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