The Girls Testimonial - March 2023

My name is Melissa. I am 12 years old. My name is Danna Paola; I am 16 years old. My name is Mirari, I am 12 years old. My name is Gianna, I am 8 years old and I live in Cabo San Lucas.

I had problems at home and family problems. So, my mom told me about this, and I came. Well, I didn’t want to come because I didn’t know anyone. I came, and once I knew what it was, I liked it a lot. And I kept on coming. And now I like to be here.  Even though I don’t have family here, I feel like this is my family. 

I was looking for harmony and a family.  I feel welcome because there is a family that is there for me.  

Well, I was 4 years old and I had a really bad situation with my mom’s boyfriend. And I always ran to my mother’s house.  I experienced a love that I never got from my mom and from my grandparents. And it was just the love that you feel inside, and it really feels awesome.

I learn how to grow closer to God, what are the ways that I can talk with Him, and how I can be grateful to Him and with Him.  I learn how to give and how to receive. I learn how to love people and be there for them if they need anything, because that is what you have shown me here.  I’ve been learning for more like life things, and then later on I learned more biblical things.

Before I did not know what the things represented. Like the Bible was just to read the things to know, so that when you are teaching you can answer the questions. But it is to know the love of God and to love Him back.

I am free! I feel like I can talk with anyone, and I don’t feel insecure. I feel like I am protected by God because He is over me. Now I don’t look for what the world tells me. Now I look for what and how God instructs me.  God’s plans are amazing. 

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, it’s better to take the correction and later on you are going to say thank you for correcting me. Because it’s going to help you so much in the future. These things have been extremely good for me, and they are going to help me at any given moment. 

My favorite program is Way Cool Summer School. And I like Way Cool Summer School because I always get to make new friends in it. And I always get to help my friends learn English and different languages.

I like to learn English here because that’s going to help me in the future. For example, for my job. If I want to be a pilot, then I will be traveling a lot around the world and I know how to speak English.

Way Cool Smiles is taking care of your teeth. I never learned how to properly take care of my teeth and they looked terrible. They were always yellow; I had a few cavities, and I never took care of them. And you only have your teeth twice! It’s important to have it.

My favorite program is Vidas Cambiadas “Changed Lives”. I see that the people are opening their eyes more, they are holding on to the teaching that is given. And how the people start to receive and be grateful.

Vidas Cambiadas is a program to help others and to not be scared, or alone, or steal other people’s things when the storm.  How you’re going to survive after a hurricane and going to other people and reaching out to other people saying, “Hey do you need help with this, or do you need this?’

I like Purim because it teaches you how to be a princess. Well, yes, a princess! Because you treat us like princesses. It’s our day for the Queen Esther which is one of my favorite bible stories! You teach us how she, Esther, helped her people. Who would risk their own life to save someone else? And I was like – Esther did it. Why can’t I do it? Why can’t anybody else do it? How to continue being a queen before God and our behavior. How should I act and behave as a queen?

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