Celebrating The Passover - June 2024

Welcome to our Passover celebration! This is a Way Cool cultural event that is a time of remembrance, reflection, and gratitude. We gather together to remember our past, understand our present, and look forward to our future.

As we enter into the Passover story, we learn about the biblical history of our faith and experience the plagues that led to our freedom and joy. We are reminded that each generation has a story to tell, and each generation has an opportunity to learn from the previous generation.

During Passover, we encourage and inspire everyone to know how important it is to share our stories of what God has done in our lives and pass down traditions to the next generation, so we do not forget. We want to celebrate God’s miracles today and every day and invite you to see a brief glimpse of the faces that are living out the Passover story in a way that becomes real.

So come, let us enter into the Passover story together, and embark on a journey of remembrance, reflection, and hope. We hope you will feel inspired to want to learn more and will ask us how you can be a part.

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