Surprise Blessings

Surprise Blessings

Over the years, one of our favorite ways of reaching out to the community has been connecting to our servicemen and women and workers throughout our city. There are so many people who dedicate their lives to service – serving others is their job. So, what better way to reach out than to bless these amazing workers on a hot summer day than with an ice-cold water, and a beautifully decorated donut to brighten up their day and put a smile on their face!

We train the children to respect their elders and the authorities by teaching them to thank these amazing servicemen for protecting us and our city daily.

Every week, we bring breakfast burritos to give sustenance to all the gardeners, trash service, and repairmen who work so diligently to keep things operating smoothly so that we can all enjoy the fruit of their labor in our daily lives!

One policeman shared with us how he has been a police officer for 39 years – in one more year he will retire. His life has been dedicated to serving the community.

We want this next generation to look up in awe and wonder to these amazing professionals. We also teach that no matter who they are, or what their job description is, their work is extremely valuable and important.

Showing our appreciation and gratitude for the work others do for us is a small and simple gesture that has a lasting impact beyond what we can even see today.

Thank you for being a part of the work we do – this is a team effort that requires each of us, no matter where we are and what role we play. That is the power of community.

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