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Featuring “The Girls” Testimonial

Way Cool Angels has been walking with families and children, individuals, and the neediest of communities through the good times and bad, sharing the love of God. We evangelize, disciple, and walk out our faith together so the world can know the love of God. We hope you feel inspired by the lives that have been changed through our donors generous participation and blessing.

The Girls

“I learned how to love people and be there for them.”

“I feel accepted because there is a family that is there for me.”


“You have impacted me quite a lot.”

“The music and the singing broke me, and I began to cry so much so, that I couldn’t stop.”


“They were always telling me, ‘You can do it!'”

“I am learning many things that impact my whole life.”


“I feel embraced, and I feel sheltered”

“I am very happy and blessed with you, and I appreciate and thank you with all my heart for your beautiful music.”


“They gave me absolutely everything – a roof, shelter, food..”

“It was very emotional and exciting to see that in such a simple and heartfelt way, we can do something beautiful for others.”


“It made me feel like I was with a family that welcomed me with open arms…. everything that I did not have in my own family.”

“Everyone has opened up their arms from the beginning.”


“How blessed these children are to have found you.”

“I experienced being with them and seeing how the people’s lives have changed.”


“WOW! I was blown away by everything!”

“They have always welcomed me with open arms and made me feel a part of their family.”


“They are people who are willing to give to everyone else.”

“Thank you for bringing the chiropractors here to bless us and help the community.”


“I wanted a change in my life, and I wanted that same love and kindness more. 

“I don’t want what’s been done in my life to be for nothing. It has to be for something. It needs to be something amazing to share with other people.”


“I remember the teachings and say thank you because I am going to put them to practice.”

“I have learned to grow with them because they have given me the tools.”

Testimonial Compilation

“My marriage has completely changed.”

“They started to teach us how to hold hands, and it was amazing.”

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